Please note that there will be a £20 surcharge on Alternators and Starters which will be reimbursed when we receive your old unit

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  • Alternator
    100-4030 Alternator 125 Amp O/E Numbers A3TA4298 A3TA4298A A3TB1999 MITSUBISHI ME203546 MITSUBISHI ME202756 MITSUBISHI A3TB1999 MITSUBISHI A3TA4298 ..
  • Glow Plug
    Glow Plug 3.2 DiD Lucas Glow Plug A:170 B:35 C: M10x1.25 D: 12 E: 11v   ..
  • Oil Pressure Switch
    Oil Pressure Switch   ..
  • Starter Motor
    41235 Starter Motor 12v 10 Teeth Matching Part Numbers MITSUBISHI M2T63271 MITSUBISHI M8T75071 MITSUBISHI M8T75073 MITSUBISHI ME200206 MITSUBISHI ME201650 MITSUBISHI ME202970 MITSUBISHI ME204424 MITSUBISHI ME204425 ..